september 2019 update


It’s hard to believe that just a few months ago we launched The MVMT Initiative! I will never forget that moment, and all that God began to do in us as a church as we moved in passionate obedience towards generosity.

Through MVMT, we said, “YES & AMEN” to God, as He called each of us to move forward in radical faith in our giving. He spoke to each of us, showing us ways we could become more extravagantly generous so that together we can make an eternal impact in our city and beyond!

Our answer to God in MVMT resulted in nearly $4M of total generosity committed, enabling us to operate for two years, as well as to purchase land to build our permanent home!

Someone recently sat in my office sharing her heart and her struggle with MVMT as a new believer. At first, she didn’t understand why any church would have a goal of raising so much money. Over the last few months, God has shown her the need for people to hear about hope. She has developed a heart for people and seen a deep need for people to come to know God. She wanted to come tell me that she now understands the “why” of MVMT! Her heart has been gripped by the vision, and God is putting her in situations where she is able to share the love and truth of Jesus with others. Once an atheist, now following Jesus, she shared with me about how she desires to make a difference in people’s lives. This is MVMT!

We have the most compelling ‘why’ there will ever be! People need the hope of Jesus, and we have the privilege of pouring out everything we have to see even one more come to know the life-changing, life-giving truth of Jesus.

Thank you for your commitment, generosity, faith, and role in Declaration’s story. Let me encourage you to keep moving in faith, giving and trusting God to lead you to a life of significant purpose!

Joyfully Accelerating Legacy With You,
Pastor John & Kelly Sherrill



Our primary goal of MVMT is 100% engagement. We want 100% of those who call Declaration home to walk in a way that is willing to be 100% obedient to whatever God asks. This includes our financial giving. So go all in now and join others who are committed to His MVMT!

two-year goal: $5.5 Million

Committed to Date:


Given to Date:




All of our commitments together so far have allowed us to establish a two year operating budget of $1.9 million. This allows us to move in our continued vision to Love God, Serve People and Live Loud! Our first priority with this goal has been to grow our staff to meet the needs of our growing church.

We are grateful God has invited us to join His MVMT, and we are grateful for your incredible generosity. It is from that heart of gratitude that we want to introduce you to our newest team members!

Travis SHAHEEN — kids pastor

Travis loves kids and has a deep passion to see their lives transformed by Jesus! He is excited to use his 12 years of ministry experience to lead kids here at Declaration, joining our family with his wife, Gloria. In high school, he was voted, “Best smile!” We can all agree, as he is a joy (and kid) magnet!

AARON JACOBS — campus pastor

Aaron has a heart and passion to help all people find purpose and passion in the Kingdom of God, living simply for Jesus. A native Texan, he joins the DC family along with his wife, Brita, and their two sons, Grey and Smith. Aaron loves the great outdoors, hunting, fishing, playing golf—you name it!

FRANK NEWBURN — generations pastor

Frank joins Declaration, leading our birth through young adult ministries, building and discipling teams, and missions. Frank enjoys movies, cooking, and writing. He currently writes for several ministry blogs including Youth Specialties and LeaderTreks. Let’s welcome Frank, Sara, and their three kids, Christian, Jensen, and Kalyn.

Move the mission

(Secondary goal - pt 2: $3.6 million)

This goal will allow us to purchase the property for our future location as well as put some capital in place for our future facility. Our leadership team has been meeting for months, working with brokers, consultants, and the seller to ensure we are making wise decisions as we continue to walk by faith.

Continue to PRAY BOLDLY as we work with the MUD district and seller to purchase this property and begin to move as God provides. This requires deep faith and commitment to the Lord. Church, let’s keep pressing in, let’s keep praying and praising, and let’s keep expecting great things for what we know will become a permanent campus that will have eternal impact on many families and generations to come!

Land Proposal

As we pray, we are asking God for His wisdom to discern if this is His desired promised land for our future church campus. With the expense of land in our area, we believe this very well could be God on the move in that this property has presented itself with a seller who desires to partner with us, willing to offer this acreage for $2.05 million.

1: Worship Facility (Phase 1)
2: Parking
3: Children's Education Expansion (Future)
4: Worship/Lobby Expansion (Future)
5: Chapel (Future)
6: Gymnasium/Youth Building (Future)
7: Ball Field
8: Walking/Jogging Trail
9: Parkway
10: Entry Road
11: Retention Pond
12: Utility Easement
13: Stream
14: Future Commercial Development

design concept 1

This is our preferred course of action which would give us more capacity to grow easily. This would be the first phase of a multiphase concept for our overall campus design.

Design Concept 2

This is an additional concept our designers presented to us as a slightly ‘tighter’ footprint. This is still an incredible design that would meet our current needs with some ability for growth, just not as much as concept one.

aerial view

main entrance 1

main entrance 2

connection center



Kids entrance from lobby

kids check-in

kids lobby

kids corridor

a family Committed fully

As we prayed and asked God what He desired for us in The MVMT Initiative, I remember thinking, “It’s going to be a huge challenge and I have no idea how this will happen, but we trust the Lord will provide.” And then, a few weeks later, Josh lost his job. Of course, we were scared, but I also can’t put into words the peace we felt. We were reminded again that He was our provider.

We continued to give when Josh did not have a job. During that time I remember feeling the Lord was going to bless Josh with a job that was better financially than what he had before, and God would make a way for us to honor our MVMT commitment.

We saw this as an opportunity to put our faith into action. It wasn't easy AT ALL! Roughly three months later, God did everything He promised and more! Josh found a new job that provided for our family and met our MVMT commitment promise!

The commitment is still a challenge; anytime you give it is still a leap of faith and an act of obedience. But, seeing how God has orchestrated EVERYTHING from the beginning we continue to give and trust our provider. GOD IS FAITHFUL!

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